Crisis Control

Each month anyone can donate to the Crisis Control Ministry. Anyone can have access to donate their items Sunday morning before Sunday School or Worship Service, or Monday-Friday 9am-1pm.


Even though our temperatures are in the 90’s,

Crisis Control Ministry is getting ready for the cold weather that is just around the corner.  For the month of September, they are requesting GRITS AND OATMEAL be given by the local churches.  These are inexpensive items so add as many as you can to your shopping cart.  I believe you will be “warmed” by your own



Becky Minnix, Member

Christian Action Committee



The year 2017 is quickly passing by.   Up to now, you have prepared approximately 270 breakfasts, 270 lunches and 270 suppers for your family.  However, one day you open your cupboard and the shelves are bare! If only… Here folks, is where Crisis Control Ministry can help those in need.   With the items you cheerfully bring each month, Crisis Control can fill those shelves. October has been designated as BOXED DINNER month. This can include Hamburger Helper, macaroni and cheese, etc—anything made from a box.  Help fill those cupboards! You will be blessed.

Becky Minnix

Christian Action Ministry