We would love more help in the garden this year. We always need people to come by and weed or water the plants.

Recently, the garden veggies were picked for New Communion distribution. We were able to give out 3 bags of kale, a bag of spinach, and 7 bags of lettuce from our small garden.

Our garden this spring 2018

First Christian Church prepared and planted the Disciples Garden in the spring of 2013.  Our after-school and summer daycare program, Creative Palooza, already had a garden and we added six raised beds beside it and planted in late April.  Two more beds have been added in 2014. Our hope is that the garden will not only promote community within our congregation and between our congregation and Creative Palooza, but that we will be able to assist the larger community in coping with the food deserts that are found within Forsyth County.  Thanks to good, enriched soil and plenty of sunshine, rain, watering and weeding the Disciples Garden thrived in 2013. When we had a fundraising dinner to benefit Creative Palooza, we were able to make a huge bowl of salad from the garden.  The Palooza children enjoyed eating from their garden and we were able to send some produce home with families.  We also supplied Catholic Social Services with several hundred pounds of produce in 2013.