Children and Youth

Children and youth are often thought of as the future of the church but we see them as an important part of the “present” of the church.  We value their joy, their vibrancy and their insights.  Accordingly, we strive to incorporate them as often as possible into the life and programs of the church, including worship and outreach opportunities.

We have an attended nursery for infants and toddlers and a Sunday School program for children and youth called Faith Journey.  Children who are 3-8 years old are invited to the children’s worship service called “Children Worship and Wonder” which is conducted in the Children’s Wing of the Church during the 11:00 service.  There is also an active Youth Program.

In addition to these regular activities, our children and young people also look forward to an annual Easter Egg Hunt, Youth Sunday, Vacation Bible School, a Halloween Carnival/Trunk or Treat, and an annual Christmas pageant.