Members of First Christian Church are encouraged to participate in ministries of the church and serve the congregation as leaders in various aspects of the church life. The leadership of First Christian is comprised of the Executive Committee, the General Board, and the Cabinet. These individuals are selected in November of each year and voted on during our annual Congregational Meeting in December of each year.

Executive Committee General Board
Moderator: Doug Cardwell Executive Committee
Moderator-Elect: Becky Minnix Elders: Marilyn Cardwell, Janice Taylor, Paul Gillespie, Connie Hance, Tracy Glenn, Becky Minnix, Julia Archer, Cheryl Askew, Beverly Brown, Claudia Colter
Past Moderator: Julia Archer Chair of Diaconate
Secretary: Althea Gray Diaconate Team Captains
Treasurer: Grant Minnix Chair of Trustees
Chair of Elders: Cheryl Askew Historian: Bob Matthews
Chair of Diaconate Ministers (ex-officio)
Ministers (ex-officio)  Deacons: Tom Glenn, Asa Haddock, Lindsey Haddock, Ron Minnix, Renee Stephen, Walker Stephen, Gina Pruitt, Grant Minnix, Paul Bierie, Patty Bierie, and Ginny Tussey


Ministries & Cabinet Members

Creative Palooza: Kathy Sink Evangelism
Christian Men’s Fellowship Memory Garden: Charlie Hance
Christian Women’s Fellowship Property: David Archer and Brent Murphy
Outreach: Paul Gillespie Stewardship/Finance
Christian Education Worship: Cheryl Askew
Christian Life – Membership  Librarian: Marilyn Cardwell
Christian Life – Programs